August 2014

That Lovin Feeling

That Lovin Feeling The relationship we have with our spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend can be the most rewarding relationship we have, and can also create some of the most stress in our life. In the beginning we are drawn to each other through attraction…looks, personality and all the traits we find so endearing. We want to […]

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The Good in the Bad

The Good in the Bad. We all have negative things in our lives, it’s the way it is, and there’s no way around it. Life happens and sometimes it’s not always pleasant. I call these negative things “Contrast”. And for every contrast we face we have a choice, a choice in how to deal with […]

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Live Life Awake

Imagine if you could create whatever you wanted in life. The business you wanted, the relationships you wanted, the house, the car, your health…even your ideal body. Now what if I told you, you’re already doing this. Everything you have you’ve attracted into your life. All the good stuff and all the bad stuff. Now, […]

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