No more slump!

High performance athletes have finely tuned bodies and spend countless hours training and practicing. They develop habits to ensure repetitiveness in their actions. This habitual training helps when stress plays a factor, be it in the final few holes at a Major Golf Championship or in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals – their default physical response is consistent with their preparation.

While the physical training is so incredibly important, the mental game also plays a huge part in athletic success.

By creating a mindset of expectation and belief from a results perspective, the elite of the elite separate themselves and consistently perform at the top of their game.

However, even some of the greats lose focus once in a while.

By putting the focus back on where the success originated from and by clearing the mind of negative clutter, limiting beliefs and outside influence we’re able to re-align the mind to a state of confidence, which is the driving force behind all performance based achievement.

So whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior try the following;


If a slump is upon you, recognize how it is you’re feeling and the energy you’re brining to the game. Then ask yourself “what about my game brought me to this level to begin with”.
If you’re a goal scorer, identify what types of goals you typically score, be it shots or rebounds…, then create a personal mantra to play in your helmet – “I’m a rebound machine, I’m a rebound machine…”, “I score on every rebound I get, I score on every rebound I get…”
Focus only on the successes you’ve had and develop this new habit into your mix.

When you eliminate the negative noise you will only see positive results – that’s the Law of Attraction baby!

No more slump!

Michael White, MFT

Live Life Awake 

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