Get Out of Your Own Way!

Ever sit and stare at your computer and really have no idea?
I mean, drive that you have regularly seems to be just sucked out of you…mindless blankness fills your head and you question WTF? Why am sitting here doing nothing when there’s so much I could be doing…and should be doing?
Call it boredom, complacency or just plain I don’t know what…

Bottom line is sometimes these days are going to happen…it’s called Contrast. And the good news is – without it we don’t grow.
Without the “not so good stuff” in our lives we wouldn’t be able to manifest the better stuff.
You see this is the “I know what I don’t want” part.
And the key is to shift to the “what is it that I do want” feeling.


The way I do this is by drinking heavily…just kidding…although sometimes it’s tempting…I get it, it’s hard to get out of a rut.
But seriously, what I do is put my thoughts towards the successes I see in my life…the dreams and aspirations I have. For me it’s visualizing what it feels like to inspire thousands at a speaking engagement or watching the amazing life changes in one of my clients.
I focus on the feelings and emotions that run through me when I experience these milestones. Even if they’ve yet to occur, I imagine what it will feel like…the pride, the confidence, the accomplishment.

By focusing on the feelings and envisioning them as if they’ve already happened I instantly raise my energy level and begin vibrating in a more positive place. I reach for the “better feeling thought” and stay in that place for as long as possible.
Once I’m there for a bit, the negative rut seems to pass and productivity increases.

Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way.

Create the life you desire.

Michael White

Live Life Awake

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