The Boomerang Effect

When you throw a boomerang properly, with the correct technique, angle and velocity it soars beautifully through the air and flies in a pattern unlike anything else. It’s as if it has a mind of its own, cutting through the air and making its way out, up, around and amazingly right back to you, its sender.

If you don’t throw it correctly it doesn’t make same the journey, in fact it tends to drop out of the sky and plummet to the ground nowhere near you, the intended final destination. “A boomerang that doesn’t come back is really just a stick!”

The good news is, with practice you can perfect the throw and find this oddly shaped disk coming back to you just as you intend it to every time.

Like the boomerang, our ability to create the life we desire lies in our very hands (or minds) and can be mastered for success.

You see, when we put out our intentions and desires, we need to expect they will come back to us, just like the boomerang.

This is the “Law of Allowing”. Or “The Law of Expecting”.

So remember, every desire you have is being “thrown” out to the Universe, and it’s up to you to align yourself with it to ensure it comes back just as you planned.


Know and trust that the emotions, the feelings and even more importantly, the expectation of what you truly desire is going to become your reality.

When you ask, it is given, but only if you act and believe that it has already happened.

So come from a place of “I want” not “I need” and “I decide” not “I hope”.

You are the creator of your own reality and if you want for what you ask, throw it out correctly.

Create the life you desire.

Live Life Awake!


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