I am Awesome!

What you think and how you feel shapes your life.

I am joy, I am happiness, I am wealth, I am health, I am abundance, I am freedom, I AM AWESOME!

Ok, so you may not want to strut around saying this stuff out loud, however, when you say it to yourself and really feel it you will change your life.

The thoughts you think become your experience, good and bad. When you’re feeling off or having a bad day notice how everything seems to be a struggle, yet when you feel good everything seems easy and fun. Whether you realize it or not your outcome is dependent on what you think and how you feel.

So my tip is to Be Aware of your emotions and understand where your thoughts are coming from.
And if they’re negative, ask yourself “if this is how I don’t want to feel then how is it that I do want to feel”?
Shift your thoughts to the better feeling place and focus strictly on those.
Once you do, you will start to see new opportunities that will appear, seemingly from nowhere…new, better opportunities. Your job is to act upon them. Make something of them. “Create a change”!

You’ve been creating everything in your life so far, so by knowing this why wouldn’t you choose to create the things you truly desire?

You decide and you deserve.

Make amazing life changes!

Michael White
Live Life Awake

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