Winter Training

Keeping your golf swing honed and ready in winter, in Canada (well outside of BC) can be a challenge to say the least. With the snow, cold and unpredictable weather, many resort to simulators, domes or modified garage set ups to maintain that swing.

Regardless of where or how you keep your swing lubricated, there is one aspect of the game that is ideal for training in the winter season.

That, of course, is the mental game.

Proper mental training is not just a pre, present and post game process, but a mindset that you adapt to every aspect of your life.

Focus and visualization are 2 key factors to success on the course, but also apply to everything you do off the course as well.

Whether you’re a student in elementary, high school or college, or if you’re out in the workforce, each task you enter into requires focus and visualization to accomplish well.

Very much like the golf swing, when you visualize the shot, and see (and most importantly “feel”) the result before it even happens, you instantly put yourself into a positive state, which increases your chances of success.


Visualize every segment of your day this same way, be it an exam, a presentation, a meeting or simply a conversation with a co-worker or friend; see in your mind exactly how you wish for this event to go.

Picture each detail surrounding it and pre determine how you’d like it to happen.

See your posture…is your head high and shoulders back, are you exuding confidence and carrying yourself with pride? When you speak are you clear, concise, direct and convincing? Are you on point and making a positive impact? How are you feeling? Confident, successful, excited and valued?

How is the other person reacting? Are they attentive, focused and impressed with your approach?

By applying this pre-empted approach to each element of your day you’ll begin to develop a new habit of seeing success before it even happens.

It’s like picturing your ball flight as a high, 3 yard draw, landing right in the centre of the fairway and rolling out to the left centre; position “A” with a perfect angle to the green…”Awesome”!

All you see is what you desire…nothing else.

Positive focus creates positive results.

Start to create a new habit this winter that transfers effortlessly to your golf game.

At Timeout Coach, we’re available for winter, pre-season training now.


Michael White
416 258 5909

“Get Your Head In The Game”

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