What we teach

Confidence, gratitude, adversity, visualization,  judgment & emotion.






We teach you how to think different.

Timeout Coach trains athletes, former athletes, coaches and parents to develop new habitual thinking patterns to focus on desired success. We’re a result’s oriented, Mental Fitness Training organization that believes success stems from passion and desire. We provide the tools that allow you to grow, both in, and outside your sport.




The goal is to have every player, every former player, every coach, and every parent understand that the key to success is an ultra strong mental game. Often, in sport, the sole focus is put on physical fitness, with mental strength not even on the radar. When a player goes through a slump, it’s typically blamed on the lack of physical performance, and results in more practice and a stronger work ethic. At Timeout Coach, we know and understand that mental fitness makes up the majority of an elite athlete's ultimate success.


What you focus on you attract!

We’re here to give you the tools to be the best person; player, coach, or parent you can possibly be and to take your sports, and personal life to a whole new level. We do this through an “attraction” style of coaching.


Our philosophy of “Thinking Different” is based on the concept of putting your focus towards that which you desire as opposed to that which you are currently experiencing.


Like going to the gym, you can’t go once and expect to be buff.


We provide new tools to create new habits. Habits that result in results!

Train your brain to develop new thinking habits

In the case of that slump, instead of trying to “fight” or “beat” it, we teach you to put your thoughts towards the successes you wish to see, and in doing so, move your point of attention away from the struggle and on to the desired success.


When you focus on the success, you change the energy within you and increase your confidence, which, as we all know, generates a more effective performance.


Neuro Science supports the growth mindset. The connections in your brain get stronger with practice and repetition.  The more you do it the better you get.

Key areas of focus include:

Confidence – how your self-value ultimately dictates your success.

Gratitude – the understanding and importance that it plays in your life.

Adversity – how you handle negativity (or as we call it “Contrast”) in your life or in your sport impacts your attitude and thus, the results you experience.

Visualization – the importance of seeing your success before it even happens. “I’ll see it when I believe it”!



 Belief – how trusting in yourself and trusting in the process impacts the end results.

Judgment – how re-training yourself to stop judging others and yourself leads to greater success.

Emotion – how your personal energy works and how to leverage it to improve your results.


Areas of Expertise

Hockey - The game happens so quickly that we have to react to situations instead of having the time to take a step back, evaluate the data and then decide on action. MORE

Golf - Your attitude on the golf course should be your #1 concern and will be your #1 ally in achieving your best rounds. MORE

Life - No matter your situation, when you move your focus to what you desire the outcome to be and away from what you are currently experiencing or wish not to experience, you change the energy within you and begin to see things from a far more positive perspective. MORE

Mental Fitness and strength are essential to the success of every athlete…
time to Get Your Head In The Game